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CUSTOMS OFFICE TZAMANTZAS DIMITRIOS | Customs clearance - Transport - Insurance - Agents Thessaloniki - Athens - Piraeus

Our customs office has special expertise in the field of cargo insurance, as we believe it plays an important role in international trade, providing protection against damage and loss.

In particular, Mr. Tzamantza's office cooperates with leading and renowned insurance companies in the field, thus being able to provide his clients with full insurance coverage of his goods.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and together we can create a personalized insurance plan at the most economical prices on the market.





We constantly monitor the needs of our customers as well as the international trade so that we can provide, together with the cooperating insurance companies, top goods insurance services.

We undertake the information of our customers regarding issues of Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Circulation, transactions of EU countries. and preferential countries, Insurance and customs duty issues.


We aim to offer the best customs clearance services. Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about the transportation solutions we offer.