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CUSTOMS OFFICE TZAMANTZAS DIMITRIOS | Customs clearance - Transport - Insurance - Agents Thessaloniki - Athens - Piraeus

The customs office was founded as a sole proprietorship in 1977 by Spyros Tzamantzas. Having now passed into the second generation, the Tzamantzas Dimitrios customs office, with Mr. Tzamantzas Dimitrios in charge, is growing rapidly providing reliable and valid services, while it is staffed by experienced customs agents who are ready to serve you at any time.

The many years of experience, the excellent knowledge of the subject, as well as the experienced partners have contributed to the creation of a strong name. Our clients include large importing and industrial companies. The company undertakes all types of customs clearance, transport, agency and warehousing. We specialize in cargo insurance, which plays an important role in international trade, providing protection against damage and loss. Thus, each client has the possibility to entrust all the work to our office and to cooperate exclusively with it, thus acquiring a trusted partner.

Our office is always at the forefront of developments, with constant updating of the ever-evolving commercial and customs practice. Our excellent knowledge of Social and National customs legislation enables us to provide our customers with reliable advice on customs matters, valid information and excellent service at very competitive prices.


Consistently and professionally

The company undertakes all kinds of customs clearance, transport, agencies and storage. The quality of our services is also guaranteed by our many years of cooperation with renowned companies in the field.



A wide range of customs clearance services in Thessaloniki, Athens and Piraeus with immediacy and consistency at the most competitive prices on the market. In more detail, we undertake:

  Customs Clearance of Goods
  Vehicle Customs Clearance
  Transport Containers
  Transportation of goods
  Distribution of Goods
  Storage of Goods
  Version T1
  Version T2
  Issuance of Certificates (EUR1)
  Certificate of Origin
  Customs clearance of all types of vehicles

We aim to offer the best customs clearance services. Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about the transportation solutions we offer.